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When a roof leaks, there’s usually damage. A stain on the ceiling is a typical warning sign, but there could be damage that you can’t see. To fix a roof leak, you have to find the source of the problem. From curling shingles to clogged gutters to leaky flashing, the list of potential roof leak causes is very long. Finding and fixing a roof leak on your own can be a challenge. Premier Roofing and Contracting can help.

Solving your roof leak problem starts with choosing the best roof leak repair contractor for the job. If you’ve noticed water stains on your ceiling or wall or curled, cracked, or missing shingles, our roofers can find and repair any leaks and restore your roof to prevent further damage. We offer fast, free roof leak repair estimates in San Antonio, Dallas, New Braunfels and surrounding areas.

We fix leaky roofs in San Antonio, TX and nearby with reliable roof repairs and replacements.

What You Can Do Now To Prevent Further Damage

Looking for a leak above the stain on the ceiling is a good start, but you’ll also want to check near common areas where water may gather in the roof, such as corners, where roof joints meet or near roof features, like skylights, valleys and chimneys. Having a professional roofer help with this task is usually the quicker and safer option. However, there are some steps you can take to help prevent further damage before your roofers arrive.

1. Place a bucket beneath the water leak

The first priority should be to limit the water damage until you can find and fix the leak. Place a bucket on the floor beneath any dripping water to catch it and prevent a wet floor or further damage.

Protect your items from water or moisture damage

When you’ve got a roof leak, the dripping water isn’t the only problem you need to worry about. A severe water leak can increase the risk of a potential ceiling collapse. If you can, move furniture, rugs, personal belongings, and other items out of the room to help prevent damage by water or falling debris


2. Look for signs of water or moisture problems

If you have access to the attic: You can look for signs of water or moisture. These signs can include dark spots on wood or insulation, mold growth or mildew, musty odors, discoloration on wood or other materials, condensation on nails or air ducts, or damage to insulation. If you might have asbestos insulation, you shouldn’t enter your attic. Ask a professional if you’re unsure.

If you can’t access your attic or you don’t have an attic: Call us to have one of our roofers get on the roof to check for damage.

3. Get help from a professional roofer

Roof leaks don’t get better on their own and you don’t have to find them by yourself. The sooner you can have a professional help address your roof leak, the less likely you are to have additional damage to repair. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today!

Causes of Roof Leaks in Greater San Antonio

General causes of roof leaks are poor installation of roofing components, damage from weather events and improper roof ventilation. You may be curious about what our team looks for and what may be causing your roof to leak. If so, here’s a quick guide to the most common causes of roof leaks in Texas.

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Missing Shingles

Missing roof shingles can let in moisture and water that can lead to leaks and rotted roof decking.

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Clogged Or Damaged Gutters

Faulty gutters prevent water from draining properly and can lead to a leaky roof or moisture damage.

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Damaged Shingles

Curled, cracked, or torn roof shingles can let in moisture and water.

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Missing Or Damaged Flashing

Missing or broken weather-sealing around roof vents, exhaust fans, chimneys, or skylights can lead to roof leaks.

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Holes & Leaks

Small holes from a misplaced nail, old satellite dish, or antenna can cause a leaky roof or rot.

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Weather Damage

Strong winds, wind-blown debris, or hail can damage roof shingles and contribute to leaks.

Protect Your Home With Our Reliable and Expert Roofing Services

After we find the sources of the roof leaks, we’ll determine what needs to be done to fix any leaks and restore your roof. The best repair for a leaky roof depends on the cause, the location, and the severity of the problem. We are highly-experienced in all types of roofing services, including roof inspections, roofing repairs, emergency roof repairs, and roof replacements.

Roof Inspections and Repairs

Minor roof leaks can usually be fixed by replacing missing or damaged shingles or flashing. If there are extensive roof leaks or damage or if the roof is past its lifespan, you may need to have the roof replaced. The first step in determining whether you need roof repairs or a new roof is scheduling a professional roof inspection. Our professionals will assess your situation and recommend the best solutions for creating a sound roof.

Steps For Fixing A Leaky Roof

While every roof leak problem is different, here’s the typical process our roof repair teams follow to repair a leaky shingle roof.

  • NLocate any leaks
  • NReplace any damaged roof vents
  • NRemove and replace damaged sections of roof deck
  • NPlace new underlayment
  • NLay new roof shingles
Leak in your Roof

Proper roof leak repairs can prevent further damage to your home.

Damaged roof boot

Roof Replacements

If you notice potential signs of roof damage, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional, qualified roofing contractor, like Premier Roofing and Contracting. Typical warning signs that it’s time for a roof replacement include bare shingles, severe hail damage, and extensive or recurring leaks.

If you need a complete roof replacement, make sure you get a reliable, high-performance roofing system to avoid future leaks. We use heavier, thicker, more durable roofing shingles from a leading North American manufacturer. Our roofs are built to withstand high winds and wind-driven rain for decades.

Need Emergency Roof Repair?

You may be wondering if your roof leak is an emergency. If your home’s attic or interior are exposed to the elements or if there’s a risk of structural collapse or serious water damage, these are emergency situations that should be dealt with immediately.

If you’re not sure if your roof-related problem is an emergency, it’s best to give us a call right away. Learn more about our emergency roof repairs or contact us to request emergency service!

Commonly Asked Questions

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover a roof leak caused by an unexpected event, such as fire, wind, or hail. However, some insurance policies have wind or hail exclusion. Homeowner’s insurance usually doesn’t cover roof damage caused by wear and tear from age or lack of maintenance. It’s best to contact your insurance provider to find out if your homeowner’s insurance covers roof damage and what your limits are.

How much does it cost to repair a leaking roof?

The cost to repair a roof leak depends on the extent of the damage and the type of roof you have. We will inspect your roof and evaluate its condition to determine if the leaks can be repaired or if you need a roof replacement. Find out the cost of your roof leak repair by scheduling a free estimate today.

Got a leaky roof? We've got you covered!

Doing things the Klaus Roofing Way™ means we’re a local roofing company that goes the extra mile. We use better materials and taking extra steps to protect your roof against leaks, wind, and wind-driven rain. Whether you need a roof leak repair or a roof replacement, we always offer free estimates and fast service in Dallas, San Antonio, New Braunfels and surrounding areas in Texas. Get help when you need it by scheduling a free roofing estimate!

Got A Leaky Roof? We've Got You Covered!

Doing things the Premier way means we’re a local roofing company that goes the extra mile. We use better materials and taking extra steps to protect your roof against leaks, wind, and wind-driven rain. Whether you need a roof leak repair or a roof replacement, we always offer free estimates and fast service in Dallas, San Antonio, New Braunfels and surrounding areas in Texas. Get help when you need it by scheduling a free roofing estimate!

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