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Storm Damage Roof Repair 

Hail and Wind Damage Repairs and Replacement In San Antonio, Texas


Roof Damage From A Storm? Start With A Roof Inspection!

Storms can wreak havoc on roofs. Shingles that have lifted, curled up, cracked, or blown off can leave your home’s roof, attic, or interior vulnerable to wind-driven rain or moisture damage. Severe storms can cause unseen leaks that may lead to bigger problems later. After a storm, getting a roof inspection from an experienced, licensed roofing contractor is always a good idea. Premier Roofing and Contracting offers free roof inspections, and we know how to look for roof damage safely.

Don’t wait! Book a roof inspection to address any potential problems before they start. We offer free storm damage roof repair estimates in San Antonio, Dallas, New Braunfels and surrounding areas in Texas.

Premier Roofing and Contracting’s certified installers are experienced in storm damage repair and replacement from wind, hail and heavy rain storms. Our trained roofing experts can solve any issues caused by storms.

Schedule Your Professional Inspection Today!

Does Your Roof Need Storm
Damage Repair?

Some roof repairs can be delayed, but others may need immediate attention to protect your home from permanent damage. Identifying the signs of minor and major storm damage is key when discussing necessary repairs.

These are the most common visible signs of storm damage. Our Premier Team knows what to look for and can help you determine the best plan of action for your roof repair or replacement needs.

  • NVisible damage to siding, deck, windows
  • NDamaged or missing shingles
  • NWater damage inside your home or on the roof
  • NGranule loss
  • NLeaking, clogged, or broken gutters
Hail in San Antonio

Hail damage can be devastating to old inferior roofs. Causing severe bruising to the shingles and letting water into the home. Our expert team can professionally inspect and properly document all damages and qualify for a roof repair or replacement.

Storm Recovery Services For Your Roof

Tarp protection for damaged, leaking roofs. We will install temporary tarps to prevent further water or snow intrusion if your roof is penetrated or caved in by fallen trees or branches or has sustained hail damage or damage from high winds.

Temporary, immediate roof repairs. By patching damaged roofing and performing emergency roof repairs, we can help keep the interior of your home stay dry until permanent repairs can be undertaken.

Permanent roof repairs, done the Klaus Roofing Way. Once your home has been protected, our professionals provide comprehensive repairs to fix your roof and prevent future damage. Typical roof leak repairs include securing curled shingles or replacing damaged or missing shingles. Spot repairs may extend the life of a roof in overall good condition.

Ask about our durable, weather-resistant asphalt shingles.

storm damage roof

Prepare For Future Storms With A Durable Premier Roofing System

We install premium-quality asphalt shingles that offer peace of mind and protection from inclement weather. These heavy-duty shingles with features designed to increase impact resistance, resist wind uplift, and prevent roof leaks. Available in a wide range of high-definition color blends, they also look fantastic, boost curb appeal, and can potentially increase the resale value of your home. Even if you live in a high-wind and storm-prone area, you can trust your home to the quality of a Premier Roofing System.

Free Roof Inspections and Honest Estimates For Storm Damage Repair

Get your home and your lives back to normal quickly following a bad storm. Contact Premier Roofing and Contracting for storm damage repair in New Braunfels, Dallas, San Antonio, and nearby areas throughout Greater San Antonio and many other parts of Texas.

See examples of storm damaged roofs here.